Pick Up or Delivery

Can I deliver my items?
You are welcome to make an appointment and drop off small items that have been approved by Gillette Furniture Consignment.

Do you offer a professional moving service to transport my items?
We do contract with professional insured movers. Your pickup will be handled by multiple local delivery companies, they extend preferential rates to our consignors. The cost of transportation of consignor’s personal property is the consignor’s responsibility.

Pickup Fees

There is a base fee for 2 professional movers and a moving truck.  If your items are extra heavy and/or difficult to remove there will be an additional charge to provide you with 4 movers; it is based on your distance from the store and quantity of items being picked up and delivered. The pickup fee will be deducted from the sale of your furniture.

If you have 12 items or more to consign, there will be an hourly charge rate.

If you have the moving company pick up more than one item, the pickup fee is deducted from the sale of your furniture. If your pieces don’t sell (which is very rare), you will pay the fee at the end of the consignment period.

Consigning a Single Item
If you schedule a pickup of just 1 item, the pickup fee is deducted from the sale of your furniture. In the event the furniture is refused due to conditions which make it unsalable such as dirty, broken, faded, water damaged, etc., pickup fees still apply and you will pay the movers before they leave your home.

Changing Quantity of Items on an Hourly Pickup
Should you have an hourly pickup (12+ items) and you reduce the number of items by 35% or more you must notify us at least 48 hours in advance OR by 10:00 am Friday if you have a Monday pickup or you will be charged as if the moving company picked up the entire agreed upon number of items.

Canceling your Appointment
Should you need to cancel your appointment you must do so at least 1 week in advance by speaking to us on the phone or in person to avoid the pickup fee. Emails and voice mails are not acceptable forms of cancellations. 

Items May be Refused by Movers
The movers have the right to refuse item(s) that are badly-worn, scratched, dirty, torn, sun-faded, water damaged, raised veneers, have a smoke or food odor, have been repaired by less than a professional, are not structurally sound, are custom-built & require extensive construction, particle board furniture with any chip or cracks. Movers may also refuse beds with missing parts, stripped hardware, and headboards without a frame, beds with broken parts of any type, or beds that have been modified.  If the movers miss a defect and bring us unsalable items by mistake, we have the right to refuse them, and the pickup fee would still be due in full.

Items Arriving that We Cannot Sell

If the furniture arrives here with defects which make it unsalable, such as those listed above, we will call you within a 72 hour window and offer a 72 hour window to pick it up unsaleable items. Should you not pick it up we will attempt to donate it to charity in your name and mail you a blank tax receipt. If charity will not accept it, we will dispose of it and you agree to pay a $50.00 per piece processing and disposal fee. If we believe we can clean and/or repair your furniture there will be a 25% management fee on top of the professional cost to do so.

Condo & Office Building Rules
 It is your responsibility to inform us at the time of scheduling if your building has specific rules and/or requirements. If there are insurance requirements and your building is not listed on the movers insurance policy, they will not be able to move for you. It is also your responsibility to reserve the elevator and a parking spot for the movers and to make any and all other notifications to your building supervisor. If the movers must return later due to lack of proper arrangements on your part, you will be charged another pickup fee.

Picking Up Furniture from Tight Spaces and Stairs
If you have large furniture in a small room with tight hallway access, you may need to remove doors, moldings, banisters, etc. Please have that done before the movers arrive. the movers will not remove nor replace doors, moldings, etc.

Please Be Available For the Time Period You Agreed Upon
We are respectful of your time and will provide you a 3 hour window for the arrival time.  If the movers arrive during your appointed hours and you don’t answer the door, there will be a fee to come back and you will owe for your missed pickup.