Consignment Terms

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, appointments are required. Unfortunately, walk-in consignors cannot be accommodated. An appointment is scheduled after acceptance of your items. Once you submit the online form, we will reply within 2 to 3 days if we can sell your items, and at that time we’ll schedule an appointment for you to deliver your items or have Poyser's Professional Delivery pick up your items. 

Once my items have been accepted, what happens next?
An Gillette Furniture Consignment team member will assist you in making the necessary arrangements to drop off or obtain an estimate for moving service. Gillette Furniture Consignment requires large pieces (e.g. sofas) to be delivered by an insured professional moving company. If a moving company is needed, as a convenience Gillette Furniture Consignment can assist in obtaining an estimate and coordinate pick-up and delivery details.

How is the selling price of my item determined?
We are not certified appraisers; however, we’re knowledgeable in the area of furniture valuation and market value of the items that we accept. We research and in some cases, rely on outside resources in assessing value. We strive to maximize profit for our consignors while providing competitive pricing to our patrons.

We welcome your input and any information that we factor into our pricing approach. Gillette Furniture Consignment’s pricing approach starts with input from you, then Gillette Furniture Consignment assesses overall condition, supply/demand, current market value in setting the selling price. Generally, selling price is in the range of 20% to 60% of retail-price paid. Gillette Furniture Consignment does not reduce selling price at scheduled intervals; however, we do reduce selling price at our discretion.

How are my items inventoried?
Your items will be entered into our inventory and you will be given a customer number. Each item has its own item number and tag for accurate tracking on our consignment software. You will have access to view your sales and inventory as well as contract split price 24/7 by logging into consignor login from the homepage.

What is Gillette Furniture's commission?
Gillette Furniture's Consignment terms are 50/50 of the price listed online or on your merchandise receipt, which could include a reduced ticketed price.

A buyer’s fee, paid by the customer who purchases the item, will be added to the price listed online and/or on your merchandise receipt and will not be part of the split. The final tag price includes the price we split and the buyer's fee. The buyer’s fee goes directly to Gillette Furniture Consignment to cover operational expenses. Gillette Furniture Consignment sets pricing and mark downs at our discretion to encourage sales of your pieces. Gillette Furniture Consignment reserves the right to discount the furniture at any time without notification to the customer.

What happens after the 90-day period?
It is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up unsold items at the end of the 90-day period. Unsold items not picked up within 7 days of the end of the Consignment Agreement become the property of Gillette Furniture Consignment.  If you would like to pick up your items before the end of your consignment term, earlier retrieval date must be requested by email. An early retrieval fee of 10% of the tagged price is assessed.

All items not picked up by the consignor become property of Gillette Furniture Consignment to dispose, donate, retain or liquidate.

How do I improve the chances of having my items accepted?
The most important factor, provide only requested information such as age, dimensions, paid price, payout expectations and manufacturer/brand, which expedites the review by providing key information that is heavily relied upon in making a determination. Expeditious replies to follow-up questions from Gillette Furniture Consignment team members will improve dates of availability to accept your items.

You can submit more than one item per submission along with a photo of all items captured in a single photo.

Does Gillette Furniture Consignment buy furniture?
Gillette Furniture Consignment does not purchase furniture. Consigning is the only service that is offered at Gillette Furniture Consignment.

Are there items Gillette Furniture Consignment does not accept?
Unfortunately, there are items we are unable to accept. The most common items are:
  -Appliances, Dishes, Kitchenware
  -Entertainment Units
  -Ikea Furniture
  -Mattresses & Bedding
  -Wall Mounted Lighting Fixtures